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Joe wins X Factor 2009

olly-murs-xfactor-2009Olly was the first to fight against the number made famous by Miley Cyrus and did so with aplomb - a strong voice showed the world that is not just a dancer who could "sing a little 'too much.

It is therefore appropriate to start Joe came on stage to the same number, driving his extradition to Dannii easily proclaim "Simon and the competition is to be" too close to call.

George Michael, then entered the stadium for the second time this weekend in its sole new song in December to complete before it was time for the people's jaw drop ... Pop royalty had arrived.

Singing The Beatles hit Drive My Car, Sir Paul McCartney restored over the years with 12 finalists of the X-factor as accomplices.

And if this were not enough, the knight empire, then treated us to a different show, but always spectacular Live and Let Die - the precursor to the announcement of perfect capital Dermot's ... results.

The tension in the room is palpable. Handle with anticipation Olly and Joe standing next to their mentors As they await their fate.

So Dermot announced that the winner of The X Factor in 2009 was ... McElderry JOE!

Joe had just time to compose first ended the show singing his new single, the ascent.

The man had the right to win tonight? As always leave your comments below...


X Factor 2009 Final 3s and Olly Murs Made it

Yes is the news, Olly Has made it to Last 3. Last three singers will be competining eachother this weekend to win the biggest prize in the music industry.


Olly Murs through to semies

Although the results of yesterday evening, when she read the name Dermot show Olly Murs, relief flowing Essex boy was obvious to everyone. A quarter have the next week as a player scores the winning goal in a World Cup shootout.

Why was Olly additional relief to have made films in recent weeks? Because the entire week to 25 years ago, the mother of all colds, who had been so ill that he had threatened to ruin his performance Saturday night.

"I felt with the weather all week and it was a little" concern for me Saturday. I had a throat infection and a number of other bad things that was running a little "down.

"I went and saw the doctor this week and I actually had an injection in my ... Mon, Bum-cheek, I say!? To my throat infection issue, I know it's strange, but it seems to antibiotics in bloodstream more quickly this way. "

However, the jab seems to be the case because Olly looked Fighting Fit came on stage to play the hit of the Beatles' "Twist and Shout. That Olly had the injection spray clean congestion, and mouthwash to fight the army swear that gathered in his throat ... a soldier!

But the thought of leaving the game is what led him to fight through the pain barrier.

"I always give 110%, how I feel badly. Every time I go in this stage, I give my maximum, not a throat infection or any other thing that keeps me living a dream. .. This game means everything to me. "

And certainly helped that the song he sang was one of his favorites, and the second number of the Beatles sang in the competition.

"I'm a big fan of the Beatles and I was very pleased with the choice of the song, despite its throat. I love the movie Twist and Shout was introduced in the '80s classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off Day

"It is a brutal guy friends who get up and adventures when they decide to skip school for one days. I can almost relate to because I am a bit" one of the Cheeky Chappy .. . even if I never bunk school!

"I always had a 100% because I loved that school. I thought I was a bit" of a ladies man, so I was always with girls, trying to be Mr. Smooth!

Well everything seems to be at school used to pay dividends for him that the money has its charms Olly brass female fans proclaim their eternal love for him on a daily basis.

The moral of this story? Do not Give Up on your dreams, even if you have a sore throat ... and if you want to be cool ... stay in school.